Typography: Sophomore


In their first typography class graphic design students begin by learning about different classifications of typefaces and what is unique about each of the types. They then consider choose those forms based off the “personality” of the words/concepts. Throughout the class, through various projects, the students learn how to build hierarchy, organize type in grids and about other typographic rules. They move forward by working with forms to create symbolic lettermarks and with multipage documents.

I have taught Typography 1 for about 7 or 8 years. Throughout the time I have taught the class, I have learned so much more about type and with that learning process have changed my projects and hopefully improved the way I teach this part of our discipline. 

Below, see examples of a few of the different projects I have used to teach this class.


Learning Classifications and Uniqueness of Letterforms

Typeface Personality and Layout Consistency

Lettermarks and Typographic Hierarchy

Multipage Layout: Final Group Project