Graphic Design Junior Year

In this course, students have four goals. First, they practice the art of design presentation, both in terms of visual and verbal presentation.

Second, the student learn about environmental graphics and wayfinding, with the expectation that they can think on multiple levels of design and use information design and systems to guide users through an environment. Information design or the creation of infographics has also been a part of this process.

The next part of the learning process is to expand on those and create a real experience for users in an art museum exhibit. Students expand on an existing design to create a brand system and apply it across multiple media to guide the viewers experience. Students present their ideas to a real client and eventually apply their ideas for a student exhibition.

The final goal of the course curriculum is to teach students about packaging design. Students create a design system and apply it across multiple packages that include at least one dieline. Prior to creating the actual packaging, students are required to research on the market, audience and competition and create a visual presentation that leads to their final visual solutions.

Environmental Design and Wayfinding

Exhibit Design

Packaging Presentation