Graphic Design Senior Level

Restaurant Signage

Capstone Senior Course In this senior capstone class, students spend the entire semester branding a product or service. They work through the branding process by first starting with the market research, exploring visual directions, creating a final system, including a logo, type and typography, color and other brand assets. In the end they, create several […]

Graphic Design Junior Level

Graphic Design Junior Year In this course, students have four goals. First, they practice the art of design presentation, both in terms of visual and verbal presentation. Second, the student learn about environmental graphics and wayfinding, with the expectation that they can think on multiple levels of design and use information design and systems to […]

Graphic Design: Sophomore

In this beginning level graphic design course… students work their way up to a design systems project with multiples pieces (example left) by learning how to conceptualize, understand and create design visual language and communicate through simplified forms and various media.  See examples of projects below. New Concepts through Old Design Forms Dada -Inspired Surrealism-Inspired […]

Typography 1

Typography: Sophomore   In their first typography class graphic design students begin by learning about different classifications of typefaces and what is unique about each of the types. They then consider choose those forms based off the “personality” of the words/concepts. Throughout the class, through various projects, the students learn how to build hierarchy, organize […]